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Multiplatform compatibility for playing embedded sounds

Nagios web pages include an embedded WAV file that plays an alert sound in case the supervision tool detects any hosts or services are down. Until version 3, this WAV file was presented to browsers using the mime type "application/x-mplayer2". Most browsers (or their sound plugins) recognize and correctly interpret this mime type.

However, this mime type is non standard and comes from a specific program (Microsoft Media Player). Nagios developers therefore replaced this mime type with "application/wav". While this was recognized just fine by all browsers on Linux, Windows browsers (IE and Firefox at least) did not recognize it.

This patch provides the following corrections :

  • Use the officially declared mime type "audio/x-wav"
  • Use the correct "autostart" parameter with the value "true" (not "1")
  • Correct a typo

Many thanks go to C├ędric Temple for debugging this!

Link :
This contribution has been submitted on 2008-07-18 by Jonathan Clarke .
This patch has been made for version 3