About TOSCA v0.9.2

This software was created at Linagora by the OSSA Team.

This journey would not have been possible without the developers who have taken part in this project, without the testers who have contributed to it's quality and without quite a bit of free software which has enabled the development to be fast and agile. They are all warmly thanked here. TOSCA would be nothing without them.


  • Michel Loiseleur
  • Thibaut Deloffre
  • Patrick Guiran
  • Adrien Grellier
  • Guillaume Dufloux
  • Julien Heyman
  • Munteanu Olimpiu Andrei
  • Rémy-Christophe Schermesser
  • Florent A.
  • Guillaume Smaha
  • Youness Abbal


  • Anthony Mercatante
  • Guillaume Baret
  • Stéfanie Duprey